Our products

DelfinGroup and its brands, Banknote and VIZIA operate as non-bank lending companies specializing in consumer loans and pawnbroking. Consumer loans are provided by both brands - Banknote and VIZIA. Secured collateralized pawn loans are provided by brand Banknote which is the largest pawn broker with the highest market share in Latvia.

Consumer loans

Loan amount EUR 50-5000, (EUR 3000 to new customers)

Term of loan ranging from 2 to 60 months

Apply for and receive a loan in the branch or online.

Offering differs for brand Banknote and VIZIA.

Pawn loans

Loan amount up to 95% of the pawned object value (jewellery, mobile phones, other electronics and valuables).

Term of loan – 31 days for single payment loan

2-24 months for instalment loans

Application and signing of the contract in the branch