Banknote brand was launched in late 2015.

All 89 Banknote branches offer consumer loans, pawnbroking services and money transfer services.

Banknote webpage is a modern and convenient way to apply for and receive consumer loans online.

Banknote consumer loan product ranges from 50 EUR to 5000 EUR with the term from 2 months to 60 months.

Banknote also offers consumer loans for seniors that range from 50 EUR to 3000 EUR, with the term from 2 month to 36 months.

Banknote clients always have fast and secure means to receive consumer loans online and offline.

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VIZIA brand was launched in 2018.

VIZIA is a modern financial services provider, specializing in easy and fast consumer loans for both small and large life situations.

VIZIA is operating in a fully online environment.

VIZIA webpage offers consumer loans from 100 EUR to 3000 EUR with the term from 2 months to 60 months.

VIZIA clients apply for the loan online and receive money in the bank account.

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