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SIA ExpressCredit decreases bond nominal value and makes early redemption of bonds

According to SIA ExpressCredit bond ISIN LV0000801280 issue prospectus, as of 25/05/2018 nominal value of one security is going to be decreased by EUR 50. 

According to bond ISIN LV0000801280 issue prospectus point 5.10. SIA ExpressCredit informs, as of 25/05/2018 early redemption of bonds will be made and nominal value of one security is going to be fully repaid by EUR 100. According to prospectus early redemption fee of 1% remaining bond value will be paid to bond holders.

Total nominal value of bonds issue will be decreased and fully repaid for EUR 750 000.

The purpose of early redemption of the bonds is preparation for planed secured bond issue later in year 2018.

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