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Lombards24.lv will change its brand to Banknote and expand the range of services

This November Lombards24.lv will undergo a re-branding. In future, the company will be known as Banknote. Along with the re-branding, the company is expanding the range of financial services offered as well as the accessibility of its services, thus creating an unmatched non-banking financial service provider in the Latvian market. In the Banknote branches throughout Latvia, clients will be able to not only get a pawn loan but also get cash loans without collateral, to make international cash transfers in collaboration with the Western Union as well to pay a variety of daily bills. The company, in the coming year, plans to invest over 1.3 million euros in the new Banknote brand development.

"Lombards24.lv re-branding is the next step in the company's growth. For the customers throughout Latvia, it will ensure the opportunity to receive a wider and more accessible range of all kinds of financial services in one place. A similar concept - easily accessible financial services providers have long been popular in Western Europe and America," says the company's Chairman of the Board Agris Evertovskis.

Lombards24.lv re-branding process will be smooth as possible for the customers, employees and business partners, it will happen gradually and transparently. The re-branding will also include a new Banknote logo that will be placed on all 95 branches and Banknote website. Some of the Lombards24.lv branches are already gradually adapting the new visual identity and service providing. No changes will be made to the customer and partner contracts.

About SIA ExpressCredit

SIA ExpressCredit is a state licensed non-bank lending company operating under the brands Lombards24.lv, Banknote and Rīgas pilsētas lombards. The company was established in 2009 and during its existence has become a trusted partner for more than 280 thousand people throughout Latvia. ExpressCredit currently offers the following financial services - loan without collateral, international cash transfers in collaboration with the Western Union and pawn loan in 95 branches in 40 major Latvian cities and regions. The company's objective is to provide people with the most necessary financial services that are quick, convenient, safe and close to home.

SIA ExpressCredit employs more than 300 professionals throughout Latvia and in 2014 made tax payments to the state budget of more than 2.3 million euros. Since 2014, the company's bonds are listed on NASDAQ OMX Riga Baltic list of debt securities in which they are available to free trade. The company is a member of Latvian Non-bank Credit Lending Association (LNKA) and Latvian Pawnbrokers Association (LLA).

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