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Information about the Member State of origin

Hereby SIA ExpressCredit informs on its Member State of origin in accordance with Article 3. 1, Part 7.1  of the Law on the Financial Instruments Market of the Republic of Latvia.

1. Name of the Issuer

SIA ExpressCredit

2. Legal address:

Raunas str. 44 - 1k, Riga, LV 1039, Latvia

3. Identifier of the legal entity:

Registration number in the state commercial register: 40103252854

4. Member State of origin:


5. Ground for preference of the Member State of origin:

The issuer of bonds with a face value of less than EUR 1000 listed on a regulated market

6. Member State in that regulated market are included securities of the Issuer:

Latvia, 8 500 bonds

7. Competent authorities to that the announcement form is filed:

The Financial and Capital Market Commission

8. Date of notification:

September 6, 2016

9. Initial date of three-year period:

September 6, 2016

10. Additional information:


11. Contact information:

Kristaps Bergmanis, SIA ExpressCredit Member of the Board,

Cell ph.: +371 292144168

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