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ExpressCredit registers new notes issue in amount of EUR 5 million

On 15 November 2019, ExpressCredit registered in Nasdaq CSD a new secured notes issue with the following characteristics: 

Issue sizeup to EUR 5,000,000
Nominal value of 1 noteEUR 1,000
Annual coupon rate14%
Coupon payment frequencyMonthly
Maturity25 November 2022
Principal repaymentAt maturity
Minimum subscription amountEUR 100,000

The new notes issue will be added to the common framework of ExpressCredit group’s secured creditors. According to this structure, all claims by note holders of the existing (LV0000802213, LV0000801322) and new notes issue (LV0000802379), as well as by Mintos Finance will be secured with all property and receivables owned by ExpressCredit group as a commercial pledge. Eversheds Sutherland Bitāns will act as the collateral agent as set by the new structure of secured liabilities.

Notes issue will be structured as a private placement with minimum subscription amount of EUR 100,000.

Placement of the notes is arranged by BlueOrange Bank.

Contact person: Edmunds Antufjevs,


Phone: +371 28330401

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