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Audited financial statements of SIA ExpressCredit for the year 2015

SIA ExpressCredit Group's turnover reached EUR 18,2 m and Group worked with net consolidated profit of EUR 1,5 m for the year 2015.

Operations of the Group’s parent company and Group during the reporting year have been successful. Total revenues of the Group’s parent company and Group for the fiscal year increased respectively by 6.9 % and 10.7% and amounts to EUR 17.3 million for Group’s parent company and EUR 18.2 million for the Group.

2015 income structure is as follows: regular lending against pledges (pledge secured loans and sale of pledged assets subsequent to loan repayment default) – 49% (2014: 46%), non-secured loans – 51% (2014: 54%) and other income – 1% (2014: 1%). As to the profitability of operational segments, then regular lending against pledges represents 73% of profit (2014: 75%), non-secured loans – 29% (2014: 33%), other income – 2% (2014: 8%).

Due to implementation of the chosen business strategy, the following financial ratios were achieved in 2015:

PositionEUR Increase / (decrease) %
Net loan portfolio, the Group's parent company6.25.1
Net loan portfolio, the Group6.53.2
Assets, the Group's parent company11.23.7
Assets, Group10.72.1
Net profit, the Group's parent company1.34.8
Net profit, Group1.57.9

 SIA ExpressCredit submits audited consolidated and standalone financial statement of the year 2015.

SIA ExpressCredit submits Corporate governance report for year 2015.

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